Meet Ben

“I’m Ben, I’m 30, and I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 19, half way through my first year of University. I was on treatment for just over 6 months, and I was confirmed as in remission in February 2010; I’m over the moon to be 10 years in remission this year.

But during that time, I haven’t forgotten what I went through. I’ve wanted to help those going through cancer be able to feel themselves throughout and after treatment, so I become an Ambassador for Trekstock - a young persons’ cancer charity- and raised over £5,000 for them in the last 4 months.

It was at a Trekstock meeting that I met the wonderful Luke & Amelia - a couple whose lives had been upended by cancer and made them move back home to the U.K, half way round the world. To see what they were going through and yet still cracking on with life, was so inspiring. 

FVCK CANCER is just an extension of them as people - vibrant, expressive, and a little bit crazy - and steadfast in the belief that life goes on through cancer; and to bring a bit of fun to the lives of those going through cancer. And to continue to support cancer charities through their work? Amazing. I couldn’t think of a better cause; or a better pair of people to work with!”

Meet Nat

I’m Nat, originally from Devon but I’ve lived in a London for the past 8 years and have made East London my home. I’ve been trying to kick advanced bowel cancer for the past 18 months... chemo, radiation, relapse, more chemo and now I’m awaiting some pretty mega surgery. 

Before cancer I was a dancer and a teacher... currently I do a bit of writing, blogging, love a bit of tree hugging and am a big fan of searching for the silver linings! 

I am SO happy to be a brand ambassador for FVCK CANCER, I love the vibe and energy of this brand! I am a firm believer in making the best of each day and facing my challenges with positivity and a massive dose of FVCK CANCER energy!!

Meet Nicky

Hello Beauties, I’m Nick, I’m something in the early 30’s & am living with Incurable Breast Cancer which has spread to my bones. I have been living with cancer for 2 years now. I’m a personal blogger on the old gram, I run a second page called Secondary Sisters which is a support & info hub for all things Secondary Cancer & am quite partial to a good old fashioned boogie, I love to edit & make magic but most of all adore talking about the tattas! I’m a big advocate of early detection saves lives, I want to make sure you lot are all breast & body aware so that you don’t end up in my boat! Don’t get me wrong it’s a great boat, a party boat if you will but it can be a bit turbulent!

I am beyond thrilled to be an ambassador for FVCK CANCER, I love everything about Amelia & Luke & their brand. You can find the light in every darkness, these two prove that, just look at what they have created!