The faces behind FVCK CANCER


December 2018 our lives changed. We got news. CANCER..... 

We met in Dubai whilst both working out there early 2018 and completely fell head over heels for each other. Then we got the news. We both made the move back to the U.K. 

After a grim prognosis and with the unconditional support of Luke, Amelia started to get better. One thing she took like a champ is her hair loss. She had long, black, thick hair, eyelashes of a camel, and a set of decent eyebrows. Over time the chemo took its toll and all the above began falling out - Luke whisked her off to the barbers to buzz it all off. 

So this came next.

Head freshly shaved, Amelia didn’t want to hide it under the head scarves and hats that scream CHEMOTHERAPY. She wanted something funky, quirky and brightly coloured to wear. She could never quite find what she was looking for.  So Luke suggested we started designing our own headwear and VOILA with his business experience FVCK CANCER came to life. 

We don’t know what the future has in store for us but we do know we want cancer warriors and fellow FVCK CANCER supporters all across the globe to rock their beautiful heads alongside giving back to the community (a percentage of our sales go to two cancer charities).  Our mission is to encourage you to feel confident and unique. With FVCK CANCER you can 'do good, as well as look good'.


We will not hide. 

You will not win.